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photos of Florence


Top Ten Travel Tips

1. Accommodations: Hostels
2. Arts & culture (music, galleries, festivals, ruins): Jazz Club Firenze, Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, Galería deLa Academia
3. Back to nature: Sitting over Florence is the Palazzo Michelangelo. There is a great walking path around the medieval church.
4. Cheap eats: West of the Arno river
5. Funny moment:
6. Good people watching: Palazzo  Vecchio
7. Health & safety tip: Florence is known for having good meat dishes. If not, there are many vegetarian restaurants.
8. Magical moment, quintessential travel moment: The view from Palazzo Michelangelo is breathtaking and rated the best places to take a photo. See the David at the Galería deLa Academia.
9. Salons/spas:
10. Shopping: Farmacia – oils, herbs, fragrances, liquors / High Fasihon – Gucci – Prada – Ferragamo

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photos of Florence


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