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Top Ten Travel Tips
1. Accommodations: Auntie Mary Yancy’s house, Palms hotel, Royal Hotel and Casino
2. Arts & culture (music, galleries, festivals, ruins): Hotel Africa (ruins after the war) Congo town, travel to the interior
3. Back to nature: Fish Town, Singkor Beach, ELWA beach
4. Cheap eats: Fruit stands, and home cooking lots of yummy stews
5. Comic relief: Mambo Point
6. Good people watching: Benson street, Kendeja Hotel
7. Health & safety tip: Take malaria pills, vaccinations, mosquito net
8. Magical moment, quintessential travel moment: ELWA beach, the interior rubber plantations, Mambo Point reggae night
9. Salons/spas: Kendeja Spa
10. Shopping: Benson street – custom dresses, beautiful fabrics, gold/silver jewelry, and wood sculpture