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This was a quick business trip so I mostly did “drive-by-tours” literally… And to think of my colleagues disdain when I suggested hitting Paris in a day, I got expressionless “gasps”, lol! So very “American” of me to try to squeeze in Paris during a week stay… Unapologetic I tried my best, but jet lag won in the end.

London highlights !!!! The sheer wealth of London city was palpable, brings new meaning to the term “old money”. The old architecture and fashion reminded me of historic New England architecture and the window shops and fabrics were visibly superior and quite gorgeous. My tube commute was quiet efficient (never take the stairs in the tube you will walk up the longest spiral staircase ever! I quickly learned why Londoner’s stand in the ques for the elevator :(), the food was “meh”  I found a Lebanese falafel spot near Trafalger Square that was on the money! The Pret Mangers are curiously better than the ones in NYC with a much more diverse menu. I stayed at the Russel Hotel at Russel Square its a pedestrian friendly area, near a few universities, restaurants and shopping. After work hours I hopped on a double-decker bus tour it was wickedly funny and informative. The conductor /host had the best dry humor and told the raw truth about the history of the royals and the peasants… Reunion dinner in Brixton was lovely, Brixton reminded of a 70’s aesthetic with a Bedford Stuyvesant vibe…

I hope to return during a warmer season and hit the Tate Modern, a football match (Go Arsenals!) taste some true Bengali food, and definitely hit some hot London clubs, “a -la- Gilles Peterson flow” maybe catch a glimpse of Idris Elba on the turntables! A girl can dream :)!!